An Overview

Egna Legna Besidet is dedicated to safeguarding the rights and welfare of Ethiopian domestic migrant workers in the Middle East. Recognizing the compounded vulnerabilities these women face due to gender, nationality, and occupational biases, the organization actively addresses issues of exploitation, abuse, and unfair compensation. Through a combination of advocacy, education, and legal support, they strive to ensure that these migrant workers receive the respect, fair treatment, and compensation they rightfully deserve. The organization collaborates with local entities and governments in both Ethiopia and the Middle East to effect systemic change and uplift the conditions of these hardworking women.

Educational Initiatives

Raising Awareness

Raising Awareness

We raise awareness amongst Lebanese people in schools and universities and at different events of the sufferings of domestic workers under the kafala system.

Educational Videos

We have made a series of 6 educational videos in Amharic which address the problems and issues which are of concern to us e.g. MDW rights, racism, financial management, and social media bullying.


We have created a brochure in Amharic which includes a bus map and info on how to ‘share location’ and we are planning to translate these into other Ethiopian languages so that women working in villages can get help more easily and travel safely to Beirut.


We design and implement workshops on financial management; sexual harassment; social media; bullying; workplace safety; racism; sexual reproduction health; MDW rights; how to protect ourselves when helping victims of abuse and procedures for working on cases. These workshops are based on our personal daily experiences and knowledge of what the issues and concerns faced by domestic workers are.

Empowerment Initiatives

Making Accessories

Accessory Design Classes

We designed and are running accessory-making classes for domestic workers in Lebanon which run for 6 months.
Soap Project

Soap Making Classes

We designed and are running soap-making classes for domestic workers in Lebanon which run for 6 months.